"W" Marriages By Bride

Alcey C. Walden Feb 26, 1853 James Conwell C. W. Barnum
Hannah A. Walden Feb 24, 1853 James F. Cornwell C. W. Barnum
Elender Walker Feb 24, 1852 James Mathews C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth Walker Oct 13, 1851 James G. Caperton C. W. Barnum
Martha A. Wallace Oct 26, 1853 James Hamilton C. W. Barnum
Mary E. Walls Sep 1, 1852 James T. Sims C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth Walton Aug 30, 1854 William G. Melton C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth Jane Warren Dec 13, 1854 M. H. Rich C. W. Barnum
Mary E. Webb May 23, 1853 Thomas Webb C. W. Barnum
Nancy A. Webb Aug 7, 1854 Meredith Carter C. W. Barnum
Amanda Wells Jun 3, 1851 George Gray C. W. Barnum
Margaret P. Willhelms Dec 20, 1852 John A. Austin C. W. Barnum
Matilda Willhelms Mar 13, 1854 Templeton W. Moon C. W. Barnum
Alsey Williams Feb 17, 1855 Joseph Wallace C. W. Barnum
Catherine L. Williams Dec 30, 1854 Houstia Anderson C. W. Barnum
Eliza Williams Nov 22, 1851 Samuel Lewis C. W. Barnum
Eliza Williams Nov 22, 1851 Samuel Long C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth Williams Jul 27, 1852 T. G. Dent C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth Williams Nov 22, 1851 Samuel Long C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth Williams Sep 20, 1853 James N. Wills C. W. Barnum
Fannie L. Williams Jul 1, 1852 Isham Stephens C. W. Barnum
Jemima Williams Mar 15, 1854 Thomas Hall C. W. Barnum
Louisa J. Williams Aug 10, 1852 T. W. Thompson C. W. Barnum
Margaret J. Williams Nov 8, 1854 John. Tipton C. W. Barnum
Mary Williams Aug 1, 1854 Wm. Bryant C. W. Barnum
Nancy J. Williams Jan 14, 1852 William H. Berry C. W. Barnum
Sarah F. Williams Feb 13, 1855 Benj. Blackwell C. W. Barnum
Amanda Wills Jun 3, 1851 George Gray C. W. Barnum
Catherine Wills Oct 25, 1853 John Summers C. W. Barnum
Mary A. Willson Feb 3, 1853 John Hall C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth Wilson Aug 19, 1853 David Price C. W. Barnum
Mary J. Wilson Nov 6, 1852 Jeremiah E. Stephens C. W. Barnum
Mary Jane Witherspoon Oct 27, 1853 James Brown C. W. Barnum
Rebecca B. Womack Oct 14, 1852 William V. Childress C. W. Barnum
Rebecca B. Womack Oct 14, 1852 Wm. C. Childress C. W. Barnum
Minerva E. Wood Dec 9, 1854 F. M. Rutherford C. W. Barnum
Jane Woodfin Oct 20, 1851 Benjamin B. Tony C. W. Barnum
Lydia Woods Nov 27, 1851 James C. Scruggs C. W. Barnum
Nancy Woodson Jan 9, 1853 James Flood C. W. Barnum
Mary L. Wooseley Mar 26, 1853 W. C. Davidson C. W. Barnum
Martha Wright Feb 9, 1853 Phillip F. Murry C. W. Barnum
Nancy L. Wright Nov 10, 1852 Vincent Long C. W. Barnum
Sarah E. Wright Nov 20, 1854 W. C. Berry C. W. Barnum


"W" Marriages By Groom

Wm. Wade Dec 20, 1854 Pernetter Law C. W. Barnum
John Wagner Jun 20, 1854 Prudence Milberry C. W. Barnum
Bryant Walker May 19, 1854 Lucinda Patrick C. W. Barnum
Joseph Wallace Feb 17, 1855 Alsey Williams C. W. Barnum
William D. Ward Mar 23, 1852 Elizabeth H. Keith C. W. Barnum
Samuel H. Weaver May 30, 1854 Elenor Jane Floyd C. W. Barnum
Thomas Webb May 23, 1853 Mary E. Webb C. W. Barnum
Hiram White Feb 10, 1855 Cyntha Bryant C. W. Barnum
James L. Wilbourn Jan 19, 1853 Malinda Harrison C. W. Barnum
George Wilhelms Jun 5, 1853 Sarah E. Murdah C. W. Barnum
J. H. Williams Mar 18, 1854 Susan A. Arendale C. W. Barnum
John W. Williams Feb 19, 1852 Margaret Carden C. W. Barnum
Josiah D. Williams Nov 17, 1854 America J. Lindsay C. W. Barnum
Edmond Williamson Nov 16, 1851 Methursey Campbell C. W. Barnum
Edmond Williamson Dec 16, 1851 Methursey Campbell C. W. Barnum
James N. Wills Sep 20, 1853 Elizabeth Williams C. W. Barnum
James Wilson Nov 12, 1853 Elizabeth Brownfield C. W. Barnum
John P. Wilson Aug 1, 1853 Martha N. Smith C. W. Barnum
Jonathan Wilson Aug 16, 1853 Mary E. Morgan C. W. Barnum
Washington Wilson Nov 29, 1852 Elizabeth Law C. W. Barnum
Samuel Winn Apr 17, 1854 Martha Broom C. W. Barnum
Alexander Wirur Feb 22, 1855 Meldridge Chirinhall C. W. Barnum
Eli Womack Apr 6, 1854 Adaline Bray C. W. Barnum
L. B. Womack Apr 13, 1853 Mary Rodden C. W. Barnum
Rufus B. Womack Sep 8, 1853 Francis J. Miller C. W. Barnum
Alexander G. Wood Jul 18, 1854 Nancy P. Smith C. W. Barnum
Ira G. Wood May 16, 1853 Elvira A. Cotton C. W. Barnum
T. B. Wood Dec 23, 1853 Nancy Ann Rutherford C. W. Barnum
James R. Woodall Dec 13, 1853 Sarah E. Hodges C. W. Barnum
P. C. Word Apr 10, 1853 Alabama Gross C. W. Barnum
Cyrus Wright Aug 19, 1852 Malinda Evans C. W. Barnum
James B. Wright Nov 28, 1854 Sarah Parker C. W. Barnum

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