"C" Marriages By Bride

Methursey Campbell Nov 16, 1851 Edmond Williamson C. W. Barnum
Methursey Campbell Dec 16, 1851 Edmond Williamson C. W. Barnum
Margaret Carden Feb 19, 1852 John W. Williams C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth J. Carlin Oct 24, 1851 John L. Harrison C. W. Barnum
Nancy E. Carlton Oct 4, 1851 William Rufus Kayter C. W. Barnum
Nancy E. Carlton Oct 4, 1851 Wm. Rufus Knight C. W. Barnum
Sarah J. Carr Feb 15, 1853 Albert Provence C. W. Barnum
Meredith Carter Aug 7, 1854 Nancy A. Webb C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth J. Casbel Nov 17, 1851 Daniel McNoble C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth J. Cashel Nov 17, 1851 Daniel McNabb C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth J. Charles Oct 24, 1851 John L. Harrison C. W. Barnum
Meldridge Chirinhall Feb 22, 1855 Alexander Wirur C. W. Barnum
Martha H. J. Chorn Sep 29, 1851 James M. Robinson C. W. Barnum
Judith L. Christian Mar 16, 1852 Fountain Garcir McDonald C. W. Barnum
Margarett Clark Nov 15, 1854 Wm. Jenkins C. W. Barnum
Jane C. Clifton Dec 5, 1852 William C. Ford C. W. Barnum
Mary A. Cloud Jan 31, 1852 T. J. Gilliland C. W. Barnum
Nancy Coffey Nov 12, 1853 Thomas Pate C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth Coffy Dec 23, 1852 Sampson Kennedy C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth A. Copeland Nov 29, 1852 James Edwards C. W. Barnum
Elizabeth Corn Aug 9, 1853 James Hutton C. W. Barnum
Elvira A. Cotton May 16, 1853 Ira G. Wood C. W. Barnum
Jane Cowan Jan 11, 1852 Micheal Melvin C. W. Barnum
Sarah Crabtree Jan 15, 1853 Burton Earles C. W. Barnum
Sarah Crabtree Jun 11, 1853 George Reed C. W. Barnum
Mary E. Craig Feb 14, 1855 Elias Gladden C. W. Barnum
Malinda Criner Dec 11, 1851 James H. McCord C. W. Barnum
Malinda A. Criner Dec 11, 1851 James McCord C. W. Barnum
Mary M. Cross Feb 22, 1853 John Murphy C. W. Barnum
Susanah J. Culver Dec 16, 1851 Zachariah Isbell C. W. Barnum
Mary Cunningham Dec 14, 1854 James Parker C. W. Barnum
Tobitha Cunningham Aug 4, 1854 Olivar B. Torratt C. W. Barnum


"C" Marriages By Groom

John B. Cannon Feb 21, 1854 Mary A. Lay C. W. Barnum
James G. Caperton Oct 13, 1851 Elizabeth Walker C. W. Barnum
William Champion Jan 16, 1855 Nancy R. McCoy C. W. Barnum
William V. Childress Oct 14, 1852 Rebecca B. Womack C. W. Barnum
Wm. C. Childress Oct 14, 1852 Rebecca B. Womack C. W. Barnum
John Clopton Oct 21, 1853 Mary Ann Ray C. W. Barnum
C. C. Cloud Dec 11, 1852 C. J. (Miss) Kelso C. W. Barnum
Jeremiah Collins Apr 11, 1853 Sarah N. Hembree C. W. Barnum
Daniel M. Conely Sep 23, 1854 Elen E. Evans C. W. Barnum
James Conwell Feb 26, 1853 Alcey C. Walden C. W. Barnum
John Corbit Nov 23, 1853 Nancy J. Holder C. W. Barnum
James F. Cornwell Feb 24, 1853 Hannah A. Walden C. W. Barnum
B. F. Countis Dec 26, 1853 Lucinda Troxell C. W. Barnum
Daniel Cox Mar 17, 1854 Lucy Ann Kelsoe C. W. Barnum
James Crabtree Dec 21, 1853 Sarah Gamble C. W. Barnum
Robert Crabtree Dec 29, 1851 Sarah Gray C. W. Barnum
Andrew Craig Oct 7, 1854 Mckey McGehee C. W. Barnum
Doled L. Crawford Sep 30, 1852 Sarah E. Russell C. W. Barnum
Benj. Cunningham Jan 19, 1854 Isabell Russell C. W. Barnum
G. W. Cunningham Oct 14, 1853 Polly Pendergrass C. W. Barnum

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