Jackson County Cemeteries

This project is in need of volunteers to survey the known cemeteries and to photograph them in a size where those with impaired vision can read the dates and words plainly. Our greatest wish is to get the photos now before the stones are eroded too much.

Cemeteries underlined have a bit of information already on line but more is needed.

Abbott Cemetery   Bridgeport  
Abbott Chapel Cemetery   Doran Cove  
Allen Cemetery   Allison  
Allison Cemetery   Allison  
Anderson Cemetery   Estillfork  
Armstrong Cemetery   Allison  
Aspel Methodist Church Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Austell Cemetery   Stevenson  
Austin-Cameron Cemetery   Doran Cove  
Baker Cemetery   Wannville  
Barbee Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Beech Grove Cemetery   King Cove  
Bellefonte Cemetery   Bellefonte  
Berry Cemetery   Lim Rock  
Bethel Cemetery   King Cove  
Bingham Cemetery   Hollytree  
Bishop Cemetery   Estillfork  
Blue Spring Cemetery   Larkinsville  
Blue Spring Cove Hall Cemetery   Larkinsville  
Bolivar Cemetery aka Edgefield Old Baptist Cemetery      
Bonaventure Cemetery   Bridgeport  
Bostick Hill United Methodist Church Cemetery   Estillfork  
Bouldin Cemetery   Estillfork  
Boxes Cove Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Boyd Cemetery   Langston  
Brandon Cemetery   Mud Creek  
Brown-Cox Cemetery   Doran Cove  
Bryant Cemetery   Carns  
Bryant Free Home Holiness Cemetery   Bryant  
Bryant Holiness Cemetery   Bryant  
Bullock Cemetery   Paint Rock  
Burch Cemetery   Stevenson  
Burgess Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Butler Cemetery   Estillfork  
Bynum Cemetery   Maynard Cove  
Byrd Hill Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Caperton Cemetery   Pinder Hill  
Caperton Chapel Church Cemetery   Fabius  
Cargile Cemetery   Stevenson  
Cargile Cemetery   Doran Cove  
Carr Cemetery   Eureka  
Cawlfield Cemetery   Stevenson  
Cedar Hill Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Centennial Baptist Church Cemetery   Stevenson  
Center Point Baptist Church Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Champion Cemetery   Eureka  
Chaney Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Chaney Chapel Cemetery   Dutton  
Chisenhall Cemetery   Section  
Chisenhall Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Church Hill Cemetery   Princeton  
Clark Cemetery   Pisgah  
Clark Cemetery   Hytop  
Clay Cemetery   Paint Rock  
Clay Cemetery   Princeton  
Coffey Cemetery   Wannville  
Coffey Cemetery   Stevenson  
Coffeytown Cemetery   Langston  
Collins Cemetery   Estill Fork  
Corinth Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery   Macedonia  
Crawford Cemetery   Hytop  
Cross Cemetery   Stevenson  
Cross Cemetery   Stevenson  
Cross Cemetery   Stevenson  
Crow Cemetery   Mud Creek  
Crowell Cemetery   King Cove  
Culver Cemetery   Hytop  
Cumberland Cemetery   Gonce  
Davis Cemetery   Hollytree  
Davistown Baptist Church Cemetery   Section  
Dean Chapel Cemetery aka Happy Home Cemetery   Sylvania  
Dodson Cemetery   Lim Rock  
Dolberry Cemetery   Mud Creek  
Dorans Cove Cemetery   Doran Cove  
Duncan Hill Cemetery      
Dutton United Methodist Church Cemetery   Dutton  
Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery   Bryant  
Elkins Cemetery   Mud Creek  
Erwin Cemetery   Lim Rock  
Fanning Cemetery   Estillfork  
Finnell Cemetery   Hollywood  
Finney Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Flanagan Cemetery   Paint Rock  
Flat Rock Cemetery   Flat Rock  
Flat Rock United Methodist Church Cemetery   Flat Rock  
Floral Crest Cemetery   Bryant  
Foshee Cemetery   Stevenson  
Fowler Cemetery   Princeton  
Free Hill Cemetery      
Freeman Cemetery aka Woods Cove Freeman Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Friendship Cemetery   Pisgah  
Gant Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Gentle Cemetery   Lim Rock  
Glendale Church of Christ Cemetery   Bryant  
Gold Cemetery   Lim Rock  
Gold Cemetery   Skyline  
Goosepond Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Grace Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery      
Graham Cemetery   Princeton  
Grant Cemetery   Bryant  
Gray Cemetery   Bridgeport  
Green Cemetery      
Green Haven Memorial Gardens Cemetery      
Greer Cemetery   Doran Cove  
Gross Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Guffy Cemetery   Langston  
Hackworth Cemetery   Doran Cove  
Haddon Cemetery   Hytop  
Haigwood Cemetery      
Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery   Section  
Harmony Cemetery      
Harris Chapel Cemetery   Bryant  
Harrison Cemetery   Lim Rock  
Hayes Cemetery   King Cove  
Helton Cemetery   Eureka  
Henry Cemetery   Hollywood  
Henshaw Cemetery   Estill Fork  
Higdon Cemetery   Flat Rock  
Hill Cemetery   Henagar  
Hollytree Cemetery   Hollytree  
House of Happiness Cemetery aka Happiness Cemetery      
Hudgins Cemetery   Hollywood  
Hudgins Cemetery   Pisgah  
Hurt Cemetery   Wannville  
Hytop Cemetery   Hytop  
Inglish Middleton Cemetery   Carns  
Isbell Cemetery   Lim Rock  
Jack Cemetery   Estillfork  
Jacoway Cemetery   Eureka  
James Cemetery   Bryant  
Johnson Cemetery   Stevenson  
Jones Cemetery   Paint Rock  
Jones Cemetery   Hollytree  
Kelly Cemetery   Langston  
Kennemer Baptist Church Cemetery aka Newby Cemetery      
Kirk Cemetery   Paint Rock  
Kirkpatrick Cemetery   Bridgeport  
Knight Cemetery   Hytop  
Kyles Cemetery   Wannville  
Langston Cemetery   Langston  
Latham Cemetery   Paint Rock  
Latham Cemetery   Princeton  
Lewallen Cemetery   Wannville  
Liberty Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Liberty Hill Cemetery   Flat Rock  
Long Acre Cemetery   Stevenson  
Lovelady Cemetery   Wannville  
Loyd Cemetery   Bridgeport  
Loyds Cemetery   Wannville  
Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery   Macedonia  
Macklin Cemetery   Rosalie  
Maple Cemetery   Swearengin  
Maples Cemetery   Hollytree  
Matthews Cemetery   Hytop  
Matthews Cemetery   Eureka  
Matthews Cemetery   Eureka  
Maxwell Cemetery   Flat Rock  
Maxwell Cemetery   Skyline  
Maynard Cove Cemetery   Mud Creek  
McAnelly Cemetery   Scottsboro  
McBryar Family Cemetery   Bryant  
McCrary Cemetery   Eureka  
McCullough Cemetery   Estillfork  
McMahan Cemetery   Doran Cove  
Middleton Cemetery   Carns  
Middleton Cemetery   Wannville  
Miller Cemetery   Estillfork  
Moody Cemetery   Mud Creek  
Moon Cemetery   Hollytree  
Moore Chapel Cemetery   Bridgeport  
Morris Cemetery   Flat Rock  
Mount Carmel Cemetery   Bridgeport  
Mount Olive Cemetery   Woodville  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery   Lim Rock  
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery   Section  
Mountain View Cemetery aka Potato Hill Cemetery      
New Home Baptist Church Cemetery   Rosalie  
New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery   Rosalie  
Nicholson Cemetery   Langston  
Oak Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery   Bryant  
Old Baptist Cemetery   Hollywood  
Old Bostick Hill Cemetery   Estillfork  
Old Grays Chapel Cemetery   Estillfork  
Old Paint rock Cemetery   Paint Rock  
Old Sardis Cemetery   Section  
Overlook Cemetery      
Pace Cemetery   Lim Rock  
Paint Rock Cemetery   Paint Rock  
Pauper Cemetery   Wannville  
Peters Cove Cemetery   Lim Rock  
Phillips Cemetery   Hollywood  
Pierce Cemetery   Langston  
Pinehaven Memorial Gardens Cemetery   Hollywood  
Pinhook Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Pisgah Cemetery   Pisgah  
Pleasant Grove Cemetery   Paint Rock  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery   Dutton  
Pleasant View Cemetery   Dutton  
Porter Cemetery   New Home  
Potts Cemetery   Doran Cove  
Price Cemetery   Wannville  
Prince Cemetery   Princeton  
Prince Cemetery   Estillfork  
Pritchett Cemetery   Flat Rock  
Proctor Cemetery   Mud Creek  
Reid Cemetery   Estillfork  
Rhyne Cemetery   Paint Rock  
Ridley Cemetery   Flat Rock  
Roach Cemetery   Wannville  
Robertson Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Rocky Springs Cemetery   Doran Cove  
Roman Cemetery   Langston  
Rorex Cemetery   Wannville  
Rosalie Baptist Church Cemetery   Rosalie  
Ross Cemetery   Paint Rock  
Rosson Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Rouse Cemetery   Princeton  
Rousseau-Clark Cemetery      
Russell Cemetery   Wannville  
Sanders Cemetery   Skyline  
Sanders Cemetery   Mud Creek  
Sarratt Cemetery   Hollywood  
Section Bluff Cemetery   Section  
Section United Methodist Church Cemetery   Section  
Shady Grove Cemetery   Section  
Shelton Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Shipp Cemetery   Hollywood  
Shipp Cemetery   Wannville  
Sikes Cemetery   Eureka  
Sisk Cemetery   Estillfork  
Skyline Cemetery   Mud Creek  
Smith Cemetery   Flat Rock  
Smith Cemetery   New Home  
Staples-Frazier Cemetery   Scottsboro  
Sterne Cemetery   Stevenson  
Stevenson City Cemetery   Stevenson  
Stevenson Community Cemetery   Stevenson  
Straightway Cemetery   Bridgeport  
Swaim Cemetery   Estillfork  
TaliaferroCemetery   Princeton  
Talley Cemetery   Doran Cove  
Tally Cemetery   Stevenson  
Thompson Cemetery   Hollywood  
Thornton Cemetery   Stevenson  
Tipton Cemetery      
Tone Cemetery   Hollytree  
Travis Family Cemetery   Skyline  
Trenton Cemetery   Trenton  
Union Cemetery   Woodville  
Vaught Cemetery   Langston  
Walker Cemetery   Paint Rock  
Walker Cemetery   Doran Cove  
Walker Family Cemetery   Bridgeport  
Washington Cemetery   Wannville  
Webb Cemetery   Trenton  
Wheeler Cemetery   Flat Rock  
Williams Cemetery   Bridgeport  
Willis Cemetery   Eureka  
Wilson Cemetery   Estillfork  
Wilson Cemetery   Doran Cove  
Wimberley Cemetery   Stevenson  
Wininger Cemetery      
Zions Rest Cemetery   Scottsboro  

One name or photograph or two, fifty, one hundred, etc. We would love to have your input and help and I am sure many, many people researching their families will appreciate you too. Got a story or history of a cemetery? Send it along and we will post it too. The information, as always, belongs to you and you can have it pulled from the site if you should want to, we just hope you don't want to.



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